Chairman's Message


The Islamia College is one of the notable glorious seat of academic excellence and grandeur of the state. This institute located in the heart of Srinagar city, is in pursuit to eradicate social backwardness, eliminate superstitious orientation and exterminate feeble mindedness in the society by nurturing young minds and polishing them into better human resource in scientific, educational, administrative and other allied areas. To realize this duty, our college has seen persistent advancement in dissemination of higher education in the disciplines of science, commerce, management studies, humanities & computer sciences. This is done by development of viable & adequate infrastructure and Faculty. With our minds filled with devotion and vigor, we welcome you to this institution with this hope & optimism that this institution continues to contribute in molding your destiny in order to bring about a change in the society. Consistency in our endeavors toward realizing our academic ambitions demands that we should mean sincerity and discipline on the college campus. We welcome you on the campus and pray that your future years in college remain purposeful and ambitious.Since its inception Islamia College of science and Commerce Cherished a belief in growth and excellence in academic pursuits. The college has been keeping track of the developments and the changes occuring in the field of Education and knowledge seeking means and methods


Chairmain : Prof.(Dr.) G.M. Tibet Baqal - Principal Islamia College.

Coordinator/Member  Islamia College Prof. Ab. Majid.

Member: Prof. S.M.Saleem

Member: Prof. Mir Mohd. Hanief

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Operation of IQAC at Islamia College