The Botany Museum of the college is considered to be one of the best Botany Museum of the undergraduate Colleges in the J&K State. In this Museum, the various preserved Botanical specimens have been arranged on the scientific lines. The prominent features of the Museum include:

  • The physiology apparatus are separately placed and each apparatus is fitted with a note regarding its functions.
  • A separate space is identified for various Botanical Models.
  • Separate spaces for local collection made during the Botanical tours are also placed in the museum.
  • A complete inventory of the museum indicating the exact position of any specimen.
  • The photographs of the eminent Botanist with their contribution are fixed in the Botanical Museum.
  • A separate section named as “Students Collection material”.

Ethno Botany Museum housing the traditional items that have been used for various purposes since the days of yore in different parts of the state, particularly in the valley of Kashmir.